1 Day Left!

Hey everyone, after much hard work and collaboration of some incredible people, the Nourishing Roots campaign is almost over!

We have not made it to our goal. In fact, we’re shy of 50%, but I’m still incredibly optimistic…why?


Because there is still great opportunity to procure funding / sponsorship for this venture and attain the materials needed to best benefit orphanages – especially with my online hobbies and projects, therefore I have to say I am quite pleased, and ready to keep working hard to make it all happen.

I’d like to thank all supporters – even if you couldn’t donate monetarily… Sharing, caring, sending bubbles of love and positive thoughts – all helps, and that’s why this mission will succeed.


You see, this project is a way for me to begin it all, but it could not be possible without you. And as it grows, it will be easier than ever for you to stay involved, and for everyone to benefit with the resources created and implemented through time.

I thank you for your support and trust in me, this endeavor, and possibility that this world may change in a healthy, sustainable, and holistic way.

If you’re able to support and have not yet, please check out the IndieGoGo Campaign. It’s it’s last day, and then tomorrow I will be putting up PayPal donation links on this website to keep the momentum going.

Thank you guys – together we can co-create positive, beautiful change!

Amanda Froelich