Nourishing Roots is a project designed to found a NGO that will teach holistic healing, sustainable living, and spiritual connectedness in rural and poverty-stricken locations.


It is a travel, research, and humanitarian relief campaign to raise $10,000 and positively shift the world in a holistic way.


View the entire Overview of what this project offers here, and will I’ll be doing with funds raised here.


About Me:

My name is Amanda Froelich. (Here’s a page dedicated to explaining more of who I am and my background). I am ambitious, creative, hardworking, and continuously inspired to give back. I’ve planned so many entrepreneurial adventures that all have one focus: creating a more balanced, healthy, and inspired world…but so far have not accumulated the required resources or materials to make all manifest – yet.

I am a RHN Holistic Nutritionist, ACE Personal Trainer, ISD Detoxification Specialist, plant-based (live foods) chef, freelance writer (alternative health and travel), energy worker, and spiritual devotee of no particular religion. I believe that anything I believe in can become possible, and that’s why I started Nourishing Roots, as one of many projects which will be eventually created to give back and help provide education and resources to others currently without.

You can visit my personal sites by clicking on the following: Business – Bloom for Life, my portfolio, and my travel website here.

Philanthropic Goals:

*Organize and found a non-profit, Bloom for Life, that partners with like-minded sponsors and organizations to teach holistic healing, sustainable living, and spiritual connectedness through educational resources and application to villages, communities, and urban areas in need of such education.

*Professionally publish creative resources (books, guides, audio) to educate, inspire, and cultivate a new paradigm in collaboration with others.

*Be the example – and I can do all of this with project: Nourishing Roots. (Overview here).


To give back in the way I feel inspired to (through loving service and focus on healthful, connected living) requires resources I have not currently obtained. There are many fee costs for starting a non-profit, partnering with organizations, and providing educational resources to locations.

Plus, that’s not counting the financial obligations I, the traveler and researcher, must invest in order to make such projects manifest.

Therefore it has become a necessity to figure out ways to travel affordably, pursue humanitarian efforts while working in my preferred field and scheduling my own time to manage other endeavors, and continue to grow Bloom for Life, the NGO I hope one day manages this project.

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The Solution

I figure the best way to travel and lay foundation for this future organization, make relations, and give back (while encouraging and educating others) is to form a exchange-type partnership which will greatly benefit those centers and orphanages I volunteer with.

The hope is to reduce accommodation / travel costs by offering service, and also gain experience through first-hand application of resources I have worked hard to produce.

Plus, such efforts (which I hope will grow as the non-profit grows, as well) have opportunity to provide income which can be given to the orphanages and fund the NGO. 

Please see the Overview for an in-depth explanation of what I’ll be doing when this project is funded, how you can help, and many more details.


How You Can Help

I need donations, connections, grants, and relevant skills of others who would like to become involved.

Please email nourishingrootsorg@gmail.com for more information.

Visit the IndieGoGo Campaign Here!