About Amanda

Hi there, and thank you for taking the time to read my Bio.

Here’s a short overview: I am Amanda Froelich, currently a RHN Holistic Nutritionist, (live food) vegetarian / vegan, whole-food chef, energy worker, ISD Detoxification specialist, and freelance alternative media / health / travel writer.


Almost age 21, I run my own business, live in Costa Rica as head raw and vegan chef at Finca de Vida, write for a plethora of major alternative online health publications, and continue to study and integrate as many perception-expanding studies and experiences as possible. Simply put, my daily routine includes: sleep, loving service, study, creativity, entrepreneurship, and spiritual devotion.

I have a huge heart for all things humanitarian-related, and love to plan projects around sharing and creating resources that share holistic healing, sustainable living, and spiritual connectedness for those seeking change. I’m also a travel junkie, and like to continue to experience new and form fresh relations with people, landscapes, and business possibilities. As an artist, it’s a gift to be able to capture exotic landscapes, beautiful people, and social challenges through writing and photography. Coupled with my love for knowledge and objective observation, I make for a heck of a philanthropist and social activist.


As you may have already read in the Objectives section of Nourishing Roots project, I hope to one day found an organization to teach and share such things all over the world – but in collaboration with like-minded spirits and companies dedicated to change.

I feel and know there are so many opportunities to create change, often we just need to ask for help starting out and receive the assistance offered. So this is what I’m doing with Nourishing Roots campaign:

To nourish my own roots as a healer, author, and social activist. To nourish the roots of children and orphans – as well as adults! – who can benefit from the life-saving information and example I can share. And to nourish the roots of my future organization, Bloom for Life.

I have a more in-depth “About Amanda” on my personal site. I also offer services and free wholesome, plant-based recipes on my Bloom for Life website. And of course, no travel writer would be complete without a travel blog, Travel Fruit Love. If you want to get a broader sense of who I am, what I stand for, my beliefs, and what drives me to create and carry through with such ambitious projects, check them out.


For this Bio, however, I’d like to share that I believe the only limitations holding us back are the ones we have created and accepted. I believe in a new paradigm, I believe in change, I believe in a world where quality food and healthful education is available to all, where greenhouses and gardens are in every community, and where it’s alright to be completely unique and pursue your passions.

And because I believe this is possible, I have decided to be that example, for that is the best way to invite change.

So please, join me! Learn more about Nourishing Roots, please become involved, and help water my project so I may plant seeds in lives of others!

Thank you,

Amanda Froelich