Campaign Ended Update!

Hello beautiful people!

As you likely know, the Nourishing Roots campaign has ended.

Tons of moral support, loving emails, and a bit of monetary donation was received for this venture (see all it entails here), and I’m so pleased to be in collaboration with such beautiful souls. Truly, together we will co-create some miraculous change.

I just wanted to give a quick update on the plans and what is happening as of now. We are in this together, so you deserve to know every stepping stone, and it’s my hope that the momentum only grows as we walk through this together.

TOTAL, we raised $1,295 using the IndieGoGo campaign. BUT (with background support) – raised just a little bit over $4,295, which is over 40%!

To me, this is a victory, even though we (meaning me and the people who will benefit from the work planned to be done) are short. But you know what? I’m not worried.


Why? Because I KNOW that the Universe is abundant, and I KNOW that the funds and assistance will continue to come from all directions.

Part of this mission is to share the connectedness of ourselves to each other, this Earth, and the Creator…and you know what? Our God is loving, and will undoubtedly ensure this mission succeeds, because THAT is who it was / and remains inspired by.

So THANK YOU to everyone. I’m going to put a PayPal donation link on the website page if anyone would like to get involved, and it’s only up, up, up from here!
I’ll continue, as well, to seek out potential sponsors, donors, and partners for this project, so those will also be posted as updates.


Travel Plans:

This mission officially launches August 2nd, 2014 when I land in Mumbai, India. All details are under the travel plans, but from there I will travel around, work on projects, volunteer with holistic-minded centers and orphanages, and continue to give a great deal of energy to planning and collaborating on this project.

Bright things to come!

Thank you SO much for being a part of this journey. It has only begun, and I’m excited to report more in the future!


Amanda Froelich