Here are some frequently asked questions I have so far received. If you have any more, please contact me here.


Why are you doing this?

Please see the OVERVIEW page to understand the broad picture, plus find links to the more in-depth answers to this question.

What do you hope to achieve?

Again, same page. Please visit that link here.

Why should I donate?

I would like you to donate because you feel inspired, are a fan of me and my ambitions as a person, would like to contribute to a more balanced, nourished world, and because you hope to see the non-profit organization I have planned for the past year or two become a reality.

Seriously, I can’t do this without your help – you donating (even $5!) helps me so much, and it’s paving the way in dollar bills to be able to help so many other people as well!

Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes! I’ve worked on this so that large organizations can donate a chunk and receive benefit as well. I’ll personally write up receipts and send them to you (though this will take some time, I’ll be prompt) so you can use this donation as a tax deductible option.

Any other questions? Please contact me by clicking on here.

Thanks, guys!

Amanda Froelich