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This campaign was recently featured on ElephantJournal, a popular yoga/alternative living site.

Titled, “I Started a NGO at Age 20”, it’s just one of many publications to feature this campaign.

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“Dream, dream!” a sensation urged on—and so I did.

Here again, I sit in the crowded Cafe Delicias in Perez Feledon, Costa Rica, waiting for my ride, and sipping freshly-pressed carrot juice. “Click, click, click,” the keys of my tablet’s keyboard frantically work to keep up with my fingers. I’m writing another article for alternative media site, True Activist, and am filled with an exhilarating air of enthusiasm to be able to share such heightening information and reach the world through the internet.

This is my life: I’m 20 years old, head raw and vegan chef at Farm of Life in the luscious tropics, freelance writer for a variety of alternative publications, and Holistic Nutritionist for a plethora of people seeking to get healthy. I have it made, right?

Except not.

There’s still something—that nagging, urgent feeling to create more that has me refining, planning, adding to, and erasing notes on a piece of paper to my side. A piece of paper attached to a notebook filled with plans of a NGO (non-governmental organization) that I’ve dreamed of creating for the last four or five years. It began as a long-time vision I once imagined while in the solace of the woods in South Dakota—but as with everything in life, it has unbelievably become an actual possibility much sooner than planned.

And it’s here in this coffee shop—with the blaring tunes of an obnoxious car screaming advertisement for a sale down the street—that I’m flooded with a wave of inspiration. A feeling that cannot be translated into words, but if it could would be something like, “Fuck it. If I’m going to live, I need to go all out. I need to express and do what I came here to do…before it’s too late.”

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