Financial Costs

Money is an exchange of energy, a valued currency I need to obtain my goals and help many people future. That’s why I created this campaign and am asking for help.

In effort to be as honest and as transparent as possible, I’m including every aspect of what my next year and a half will look like finance-wise.

Curious of my Travel Itinerary? Click here and get an overview of my journey’.

Financial Costs:


Travel / Accomodation


Costa Rica to Mumbai, India (this is already paid) – no cost.

Train Costs – India $200

Dehli to Nairobi, Kenya $600

Travel South by Train, or Flight = $400

South Africa to Denpasar, Bali = $900


$1,000 (and a ton of hassle – but it will be worth it!)

Room & Board:


I’m prepared to “rough” it, couch-surf, sleep on floors, home-stay – volunteer for this exchange, and am hoping not to need more than this amount for a year and a half. That’s optimistic – but I think it can be done!


$1,500 – $2,000

I may be a health foodie, but I can eat super simply and make ends meet in this respect as well. This will be for food costs, including potential to volunteer / home-stay with this included.

Misc. Fees.


You never know what will come up, that’s why I hope to have a back-up just in case.

Total: $7,000




Orphanage Projects

I’ll be working with four orphanages during my travels, for a period of about 4-6 months. (In India, Africa, and Indonesia). Hopefully this will not only help cut down on room / board costs, but be a creative and innovative way to give back while sojourning.

Garden Design

$500 for each x 4 = $2,000

This will include donated tools (which I will appeal to many companies and organizations to donate), organic seeds (either purchased or donated), assistance from local villagers, and possible permits needed to grow a simple, nourishing garden for each orphanage.

Tools and Educational Resources

$1,000 – with 25% of extra raised benefiting this cause.

This includes books, bed-nets, coloring tools, toys, and other needed essentials.

Open Opportunity

If extra resources or funds are donated, I’d like to possibly implement long-term changes to help positively shift these children’s’ lives.

Total: $3,500


NGO / Non-Profit Start-Up Costs

As explained in the Overview section, a main purpose for this project is to plant the seeds for the future NGO, Bloom for Life. While on the road, forming relations, and partnering with like-minded companies and organizations, I’ll be finishing and working with partners to officially found this venture.

This takes money, resources, and time, however.

Filing & Licensing $1,200 – $2,000

There are many costs necessary to officially be recognized as a NGO or non-profit organization. Research, investment, and lawyer fees can add up.

Business Management, Social Media $1,500

I am not a business genuis – yet. But I will be working on a budget with marketers, a business manager, and volunteering helpers to take this organization to the next level.

Total: $2,500 – $3,000

Book Publishing

My hope is to find a qualified, respectable, and driven agent who works on commission, therefore there will be no upfront costs for this venture. I only need time and resources to devote about 3-4 months to wrapping up all ends of these two book projects.  (most costs are in room / board / accommodation).

Total: None!


Overall Finances Required: $14,000

That’s a year and a half of travel, philanthropic opportunity, and financial / business planning for a venture that will help millions in the future. Yeah, I know. I think it’s worth it.



How I will be supplementing:

As you can see, the base budget for this venture is about $13,500 – $14,000. This is comfortable. This, I can do. I can get everything accomplished, possibly even take a breather when needed, and spend time to completely be and capture each moment as it comes.

But my campaign is for $10,000. Honestly, I feel that it can go above and beyond both numbers, but I am starting reasonable with the hope that it will grow as word gets out.

I am also a freelance writer and ambitious, hard-working entrepreneur, so funds may come during my travels in other ways:

Article Writing: I freelance write on all topics related to natural living, sustainability, truthful media, and self-help transformation.

Online Holistic Health Coaching: I’ll probably do this via donation with people I meet or supporters online.

Speaking Demonstrations / Educational Plant-Based Culinary I have skills! I can partner with health-focused clinics and share my experience, wisdom, and inspire others to live more connected to the Earth, natural foods, and themselves.


Volunteer, Volunteer, Volunteer.

Obviously one of the most expensive aspects of this adventure is the food, flight, and accommodation requirements. I can cut down on this extensively by volunteering in centers, working with orphanages (hey – I’m already doing that!), couch-surfing, doing work-exchange, or temporarily living with people in exchange of assistance I meet along the way.

I’m not worried – connections, resources, and opportunity to make this a reality will all come!

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