Nourishing Roots Update #6

Hello wondrous friends!
I realized an update is OVERDUE for the Nourishing Roots campaign.

If you and I are not connected through social media platforms (check out the Nourishing Roots FACEBOOK site here:, you’ll likely feel a bit ‘left out’ with what’s happening.


First: The universe has granted an incredible ‘step-up’ to take these visionary plans to a new height! I was offered a job – right before getting on a plane to India – to work in Bangkok, Thailand for 2-3 months to set up their live-food, vegan kitchen at their first global cancer healing clinic…and accepted because 1) This is a great opportunity to travel, “be the change”, and spread the message 2) An incredible experience work-wise and 3) a GREAT way to network and take long-term plans of Nourishing Roots to a new level.

I’ll be here likely 3-4 months, and then may travel on to Turkey or another location, resuming work with Verita Life.

Does that mean you’ve given up on Project: Nourishing Roots?

Absolutely not! This is giving me an even BETTER Segway to create even bigger ripples for our vision to come true!

Bloom for Life ( my main website is dedicated to sharing holistic healing inspiration, plant-based recipes, and conscious living FAQ and is TAKING off as an online hub (a new website and a package menu plan are soon to be released – and a new book (Inviting in Light: was just released!) As THIS platform grows to enable and inspire many urban dwellers, 20% of the profits will go back to support ORGANICS 4 ORPHANS – the non-profit that is EXACTLY like the NGO I had intended to form – but they’re already doing the change!

So while I’m in Thailand, Turkey, or who-knows wherelse(!), I’m making contacts with some of the world’s most phenomenal healers (Dr. Lodi for An Oasis of more!), building my experiental resume, making a lasting impact in-person, creating resource and reaching millions (potentially) through the website, AND supporting Nourishing Roots’ vision of a non-profit – already established – in Africa!

The goal is by January to go to Kenya, Africa and STILL take part in their miraculous program, better learn (and take part in) their mission, and continue to support the efforts in any way possible.

So I hope you see how Nourishing Roots project has shifted for the better – and I’m such gratitude for your understanding and support. Many beautiful changes will come from your support and collaboration.


Just to clear things up, you may also be wondering, “What did my money go (and where is it going) to support?”

Everything! Website developments, products, articles, and inspirational tools that can be shared through the online platform, and will also help me live in Kenya and take part in the organization Organics 4 Orphans ( and be part of their program.

You did not waste money – I assure you. And most of it is still in reserve to do some real good in the future.


If you’d like to get involved with this project, there is a PayPal donation button on the Nourishing Roots website:

Together we are CREATING a more vibrant, healthy, and nourished world.

Namaste! Xoxo

Amanda Froelich