Nourishing Roots Update #7 – Asia for 6 Months

Dear Nourishing Roots Followers,

Thank you again for everyone who has supported this project thus far. You all deserve an update, so here it is:

Nourishing Roots began as a travel project to explore three major regions (Africa, India, and Indonesia) to gain insight into the health and needs of the various locations and plan for a potential NGO to be founded to teach holistic healing and sustainable living to rural, poverty-stricken locations.

However, as with many things in life, adventures don’t always go how we plan. Because only 35% of IndieGoGo funds were raised before the venture, I happily took a position as a RHN and Chef at new holistic Cancer clinic Verita Life in Bangkok, Thailand for five months to explore this side of evolved healing and also save up some funds (and also create + pay for projects developed and shared by Bloom for Life).  The expanse of time was incredible: I received an education and far deeper insight than I could have ever hoped for while living in Asia for six months.


Working at the last-line of sickness (stage 4 Cancer) and helping people heal holistically – while also learning to cope and hold space for those too far gone – something inside me ignited. A passion refueled for understanding the holism of life and the body, and also for helping those in developed regions really learn how to REVERSE and REDUCE their risk of contracting such debilitating diseases of affluence.

This entire time in Bangkok, I did a LOT of self-work. There were times where I was literally overwhelmed by all the stress and felt in a bit over my head… But with perseverance, learning to ‘allow’, growth in all the best ways possible, and faith, all turned out even better than I could have imagined.

With my friend Jack, we designed the world’s FIRST 100% vegan ketogenic menu plan and also got down to the nitty gritty science of how such a lifestyle / diet could help people heal at record pace. We are now working on a website to share this resource FREE to help people all over the world.rawtacos

This was an unintended adventure that hijacked my route to India, but it happened for a reason.

I now have connections, family, friends, and lots of intel in Thailand – a major hub for many Asian people. Working in a high-corporate job also gained me/us contacts that would have likely slipped away if I just went to India and bummed around for a bit (yes, volunteering, but still)…

After my stint in Thailand, I immediately left and journeyed to Cambodia. I spent a week in Siem Reap ‘breathing’ after all the hard work I put in (and still have a LOT to catch up with Bloom for Life), then went to NHCC (New Hope for Cambodian Children) to volunteer with a HIV/AIDS orphanage with over 240+ children.


Here I took part in an incredible organization that is the ONLY refuge for kids displaced or left abandoned by HIV. There’s a huge taboo with health workers / hospitals in Asia about dealing with AIDS, and so many of these kids were literally saved by John and Kathy, the two founders. It is one of the most INCREDIBLE organizations I have ever had the gift of being a part of, and they are doing a lot of good (and receiving tons of support from around the world) for kids and families in Asia.


While the orphanage may grow some of its own food and raise chickens for eggs, the nutritional quality of food over here is severely lacking. White rice, chicken, and vegetables fried in soy oil comprise most of the dishes, and the children never turn down soda, chips, or candy if offered. Unfortunately nutritional therapy is just too damn difficult to do anything about over here, as foods like white rice ($16,000 a month to feed the orphanage) and other cheap supplements keep these kids fed.

— My awareness:

To remedy this situation would take a lot of time and expertise dedicated to this field, which is doable – but needs a resource of more than I can offer right now… In effect I have realized that to be of most service and have the best (with what I can offer and create) long-term impact, my personal foundation comprised of education (staying in one place longer than a year, too) needs to be strengthened… And this is why I’m going back to school.  

An Unintended Journey:

I had every intention of going to Africa in January 2015 to volunteer/intern with non-profit Organics 4Orphans, an organization doing exactly the type of work I am interested in and feel is much needed: teaching people how to grow organic, sustainable food and heal themselves holistically… but Spirit had other things in mind.

I listen when I receive guidance, and right now it does not seem like the right time to journey to Africa (even though I really, really wanted to go) – or many other places actually. This is not due to ‘Ebola’, but a few other factors of conflict and my own personal timing in my life.


What I Know Now:

*I can donate $600 (the fee to intern one month with Organics4Orphans – and I was going to stay 4) to send 6 trainees to the OAT seminar taught by Organics4Orphans in January or April, and help transform HUNDREDS of peoples’ lives through that act instead of going right now. Those men/women taught how to grow organic food and live healthy lives will take that back to their communities, create jobs, feed orphans and each other, and teach THEIR young how to live in alignment with nature and her laws.

When the time is right and I have a solid education geared towards working full-time in human services and non-profit sector (health), I will go to Africa and help build up this organization and the people in Africa.


*There are many, many organizations all over the world doing a lot of good. What we need more than anything right now is to create social businesses which can fund their ideals (and keep the integrity of NGO and non-profits) and also support lifestyles that allow us to thrive.

More inspiration than EVER has arrived to take business Bloom for Life to the next level, therefore will be a HUGE priority and area of energy in the future when I return to the States and attend school. I have plans to not only offer my professional services, but hold lots of workshops, classes, and programs online and in-person to really help fuel the health revolution. 20% of profits will go to Organics4Orphans and support the poverty-focused efforts, and all benefit by me not jetting around the Earth and wasting more fossil fuels.


*There are many good-hearted people all over the world and many incredible organizations already founded that are helping to co-create positive change. xo

What’s Next for Nourishing Roots:

The United States has plenty of areas in need of assistance. Currently 70% of Americans are overweight, and the statistics of individuals’ and their diseases of affluence are rising.

I will return to the States (where I will likely go to school if not abroad) and continue working with organizations or planning events of my own in collaboration with friends to start community gardens, teach healthy living, and provide free resource(s) and support for holistic change.

School is not putting any of these projects on hold, and that’s what I wanted to emphasize more than anything with this update.

I appreciate the support of every single person who has donated or sent loving intentions for this vision, and want you to know eventually it will all be carried out. For now, Bloom for Life will likely share the most resources and updates, so be sure to take part in that holistic endeavor (

For now, thank you!


Amanda Froelich