Objectives / Goals

With the funded amount of $10,000, I’ll be able to complete everything I’ve described in the Overview section, but here is what I hope / know will be gained from my year and a half venture:


  • Relations formed in 20 locations to fund and start future projects with NGO, Bloom for Life
  • 4 Orphanages helped, with all of the following accomplished:
    • 1 garden implemented with donated tools to continue its production and success
    • Quality-food sourced for orphanage, with ‘local, affordable, and organic’ as necessities
    • Classes taught to each location and its inhabitants the importance of healthy food, natural food preparation, and connection with the Earth.
    • If resources allow, pamphlets and fun children’s book (I hope to create!) given to each orphanage, and healthy menu options implemented into each kitchen (with perks given to any volunteers offering their time to feed the young ones)
    • Other items donated via funds (bed nets, food, life-supporting resources, toys)


  • Completed Business Plan, filed and licensed NGO, team of like-minded members and ambitious partners from around the world. Basically, the go-ahead to begin Bloom for Life’s first project!
  • My novel accepted for publishing and on its way to the press!
  • My written and illustrated children’s book accepted for publication and on its way to press!


  • Project & Press for Bloom for Life in 20 publications world-wide. (Me, most likely, writing the articles for various sources)
  • Have a self-published book created for every main location I travel to. The focus is to capture exhilarating photography and highlight the beautiful humanity that is vibrant and alive in each location.
  • Accumulated grants ($50,000 – $100,000) awarded for Bloom for Life’s stellar project, goals, and NGO efforts. This will allow paid staff, opportunity for investment in products, and resources to continue planning and refining mission and reach.

That’s a lot to get done in a year and a half, but if you know me, you know that it will all happen – especially if the goal for funds is met!

Thank you so much for your support. If you’d like to get involved with more than just the fundraiser, please contact me, Amanda Froelich, here.