Orphanages in Africa–Locations to Be

Update #3!

Hi Guys,

So the last few days I’ve been working to become in contact with potential orphanages and locations to work/exchange while helping out in Africa and India, mainly focusing on Africa as I believe I might leave earlier than planned on this venture, and focus on this region first. It makes sense travel-wise, and I feel especially drawn to this location for unexplainable reasons.

Those I have been in contact with through HelpX.net are especially excited by my project, and have graciously offered accommodation for acceptable work-exchange duties (listed below) which are in line with my project. (Can I say I’m excited!?)

That said, I will most definitely be partnering and working with this center:

Alekki Center

Location: Kenya

Duration: 2 months – unknown?

Duties: (Work-Exchange Arrangement)

1) Prepare a documentary for the school to help with online fundraising

2) Help in reaching other donors for funding. They badly need publicity – my writing will help!

3) Help in teaching English, Math, and Art (my best subjects!) – grade 3

4) Collect date of the sick children in school, make phone calls to the Health Organization (Nagasaki within the area) for possible further treatment in school or at home.

5) Do a home visit with the children to record their daily program and help in Penpal exchange program.

7) Help start an Income Generating Project (farm) to feed the children at the center

Website: http://alekiischool.webs.com/


And am also contemplating this potential opportunity:

Farming for Change

Location: Homa Bay, Kenya

Duration: 3 Weeks?

They do not have a website of yet (I may help them with this), but here is the HelpX.net listing – and a follow up email conveyed my specialities would be best applied working with the orphanages and helping gain funding/promotion for their many projects:

This is a community based organization registered by the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Development in Homa-Bay County in the western along the shores of Lake Victoria. We would like to become an INDEPENDENT Host, and confirm that: Our farm or property is organic and / or uses ecologically sound techniques We will provide hands-on experience of organic growing and other learning opportunities. We will provide clean dry accommodation and adequate food for volunteers I will reply to all reasonable volunteer inquiries ( even if only to say that I am unable to accommodate volunteers at this time ).
The project opens its doors for volunteer from different religious, or non religious backgrounds who would like to express the world and build their experiences, while sharing with other people from different culture The project currently runs the following programmes:- Our duties here are very general and do not require so much of academic work, our vision is to learn by doing. So just make sure you have good understanding and English language command. This will be of grate help to learn and exchange. Duties include Horticultural activities ,basic maintenance of the farm, planting, weeding, mulching, harvesting, tree nursery, computer work, working with animals, and also kindergarten children, we also have tailoring project for young girls and women.
HIV/Aids awareness creation, gender mainstreaming, orphan support and care, environmental protection and conservation and volunteer programme we provide accommodation (free bed, bed sheets and mosquito nets). We also offer homestay like environment which gives the volunteers an opportunity to feel part of the family, learn local language, culture and free socialization atmosphere. This is meant to help the volunteer quickly overcome the cultural shock in a foreign land. The comfort of the volunteer is our pride. Farming for Change will take up the role of coordinating the activities of the farmers, Do research on better use of organic farming methods for improved production.



I’m a little weary on this location based on reviews, but will remain in contact with Nixon & Eunice while continuing to plan.


Both locations offer exactly what I’m seeking in terms of staying aligned with this project, forming relations, and giving back.

I’m also continuing to do research on everything travel, being aware of the many scams and potential disastrous situations one could get caught in, but also how to best navigate and connect with the people. This is the adventure of a life-time, and it will be successful!

Africa will be hot. It will be tough. I’m sure there will be many tears – but I also know it will be a beautiful, wonderful opportunity and co-creation of change which will help lay foundation which aims to beneficially change this in a holistic way.

I plan to update more in the future – especially when I gain more knowledge of my travel plans, and of course, how things will change with the campaign.

Until then!
Amanda Froelich