Nourishing Roots is a project designed to found a NGO that will teach holistic healing, sustainable living, and spiritual connectedness in rural and poverty-stricken locations.

It is a travel, research, and humanitarian relief campaign to raise $10,000 and positively shift the world in a holistic way.

Problem: Diseases of affluence continue to increase in developed locations where poor food choices, lack of education, and over-indulgence fuel society. But on the opposite spectrum, a large percent of individuals still lack resources for change and suffer from diseases of poverty.


To counteract both, holistic education and resources for change must not only be given, but implemented with trained staff and ambitious partners.


Solution: The NGO intends to teach sustainable living, natural health, and spiritual connectedness to help lesser educated and poorer communities thrive. (Focus: Africa, India)


An online hub will allow global access to resources developed in collaboration with sustainable-minded experts, and funds raised through urban programs, investors, grants, and partnerships with like-minded businesses will allow people yearning to grow with life to flourish.



When undertaking any big venture, planning is essential. This website has been created to most easily allow supporters and potential partners to clearly see what I aim to do, what I hope to achieve, and the grand possibilities of all that will be attained and created.

This is a fundraising campaign, but also a collaborative effort to participate and create something bigger than any one of us alone.

It’s a 3-part project, and I’ll break down the basics (you can also read a lot more about it on Project Nourishing Roots).

I, Amanda Froelich, aspire to travel to India, Africa, and Indonesia for a three-fold purpose.



1) To gain insight on various regions, form relations with people of many progressive moments and organizations, and participate (become accepted) with lesser-educated, lower-income locations that are very much deserving of the helpful kind of information I aim to spread with my future NGO Bloom for Life. This organization will teach sustainable living, holistic healing, and spiritual connectedness by offering resources, assistance, and sustainable implementation of bio-dynamic gardening methods and natural healing through application and education.

I have another project dedicated to that, but I am not in the position to jump on that venture just yet. Why not?

Well, I’m lacking the funds for one. And the experience of actually being in such locations, knowing what the people want, and also the organization needs to be founded first.

This is a project that takes a hefty amount of collaboration, time, and resources to launch – but it’s doable.

So while I’m traveling through these regions, working on my own projects (see #3) and gaining first-hand experience of the places I hope to someday work in, I’ll be also organizing, filing, and legally founding the non-profit or NGO organization that will positively benefit millions.

2) I want to give back in a way that is uplifting and productive for all of humanity while I’m traveling, growing as a person, and finishing some of my own projects. To cut down on costs, I figured the best way to do that would be to work-exchange and give back through philanthropic efforts.

But I’m no ‘cookie-cutter’ type of gal, and if I’m going to help, I have a million ideas of how, and how to also make it the kind of assistance that will have lasting change.

That’s why I created this project, and specifically the PROJECT details of working with four orphanages during this time. Please click on that link to learn exactly what I have in mind, and why supporting this project is in more than my best interest – it’s in everyone’s!

I’ll also be volunteering and working with holistic healers (such as Dr. Nandita Shah with Sharan-India) to teach plant-based health education and natural medicine. So I’ll be busy – but this project allows me the opportunity to give back in such a profound way.

If you’re not familiar with natural, plant-based healing, please check out my website Bloom for Life to learn more, and why I’m so passionate about sharing connectedness with the Earth for health, sustainability, and personal growth.



3) Accumulate the Time, Resources, and Setting to finish my own social activist pursuits.
Currently I have a novel in the works of being published – I just need to a lot time to finishing its manuscript and finding an agent excited as I am to help publish it. (I have a feeling Harper Press / Rodale will be that publishing house!)

Think James Redfield meets Paulo Coehlo – it’s an inspirational fiction story that illuminates higher-truths of living, but it’s based on my non-fiction travels and experiences. It’s pretty epic, and I aim in the next year to have it published.

I have a children’s book (I’ve illustrated myself!) that teaches why connecting with the Earth and growing food naturally is so important – as well as an exciting hobby! Water-colored pictures, simple but beautiful words, and a compelling message make it just one of the projects I aim to create to educate and inspire kids into this new generation.

Write for travel, alternative health, and popular progressive media publications. To spread the message further, I’d like to publish articles on a variety of publications world-wide, so my project and the benefits it gives will gain more popularity.

This, in effect, will help launch the NGO Bloom for Life which I know will have great impact on the population.


Now Learn How I Plan to Do It All!

That’s… a lot, right? You probably have a lot of questions, but don’t worry. Now all you have to do is follow the links below and you’ll find in-depth descriptions of each, cost breakdowns, and ambitious goals I hope to be checking off in 2 years time.

Travel / Research Itinerary

Starting July 25, I’m leaving my post in San Jose, Costa Rica and traveling to New York before landing in Mumbai, India. Then the year and a half venture starts. I’ll be in India for four months, then Africa, then Indonesia / Bali. I have many plans, connections and projects I aim to exceptionally see through, and will definitely be capturing it all through this project and my other online platforms.

How I will Help Orphanages

How exactly do I aim to give back by partnering as a health conscious teacher in lesser-developed lands? Read on!

Objectives / Goals

By September / October 2015, what do I hope to have accomplished by this project?


Financial Break-down

Why do I need $10,000? What will that cover? What all will I do with that?

These questions and more are answered in this section.


And other interesting tid-bits you might be interested in:

About The Project

About Amanda




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Thank you so much – you are taking part in a project that will lay foundation for an organization destined to positively influence the world. I can’t do it without you, so thank you.

Amanda Froelich