Project NR

What is this? It’s Project: Nourishing Roots.




Whose roots? Well, mine, Amanda Froelich, and thousands – maybe millions – more people… and it begins with your help. Please read on…

What is It?

Project Nourishing Roots is a campaign / project / humanitarian effort I, Amanda Froelich, have created to fuel my travels, help create foundation for my future NGO (non-profit), Bloom for Life, and offer inspiration and time to finish some of my own projects that will all give back to humanity.

Please read the entire Overview by clicking here.

You’ll learn about how…

I intend to spend my time traveling to research and form relations with people, organizations, and conscious entrepreneurs I meet around the world to work with when I have my intended organization founded.

How I will volunteer with holistic healing centers and healers, as well as four different orphanages during my year and a half travel stint, to be a good human and offer incentive  for greater donations.

I have a long list of objectives I’d like to accomplish – and all will benefit the greater good of mankind and the Earth. You can’t argue with that, right?

How It Got Started?

Simply put (read my About Amanda page for a more detailed story on my fascination with traveling to foreign locations and launching into adventure), I’m fascinated with cultural relations, holistic healing, humanitarian efforts, and entrepreneurial-type pursuits.


I’ve never done anything the ‘normal’ way, and hope I never will. I have grand ambitions and project ideas of how to help the world, but find that money and connections can be a limitation. So my greatest project yet – a non-profit (NGO) organization that will teach sustainable living, holistic healing, and spiritual connectedness to lesser-educated, lower-income communities in the world – is stunted until I have enough first-hand research, relations, partners, funding, and time to organize all aspects of creating a large social enterprise like this.

That’s why I created Project: Nourishing Roots, as I want to travel, gain those relations, find time to finish my own pursuits which will give back and be part of this new organization, and volunteer while traveling through India, Africa, and Indonesia. (Please see my travel itinerary to get a broad sense of all I have planned).

I am comfortable with modest accommodation, cheap (and hopefully healthy) food - I am a RHN Holistic Nutritionist and plant-based (live food) chef, and conscious communication…so travel is no issue. In fact, it’s the greatest gift I could ever ask for.

The fact that all three of these in one will help me and partners form an organization that helps millions is a perk – so voila! I created this project to give back and offer time to organize everything and take the next step.


What I Will Be Doing:

I think the better question is: what won’t I be doing? This is not a gap year. It’s not a travel vacation – it’s a research, cultural affairs, and travel project to gain insight on various cultures and locations, gain relations with people and ask and see first-hand all that is needed (to better offer insight into how my organization can best help in future projects), and get dirty in the field volunteering while doing it all.

You can see the entire Overview and Goals / Objectives to gain clearer insight on what I hope to accomplish and exactly everything I’ll be doing.

I’ll be meditating in an ashram for a period of time, I’ll be traveling and volunteering with orphanages – designing sustainable gardens and finding them quality food at a low-cost price – and teaching holistic education, I’ll be sleeping under the stars in an African village near a host-family member, learning about their culture and how resources provided by the West may offer them livelihood and chance to thrive… I’ll be writing, drawing, creating, and collaborating with brilliant minds all over the world on my own projects intended for publication, and the business plans of my future NGO.

I’ll be expanding my perceptions, I’ll be gaining first-hand experience in all aspects of life… I will gain and form foundation to best help those who need it most – and I’ll do it living as simply as possible and documenting it all so great, global change can happen.

That is the basics of what I’ll be doing. Will you help me?


What I Will Accomplish:

I have a WHOLE list of Objectives / Goals here, so please check that out. For anyone who knows me, they know I am extremely hard working, dedicated to my pursuits, and in love with entrepreneurial-type projects that benefit others and use my wide range of skills.


Why I Need Help:

I am asking for a small amount of $10,000 – $15,000 to cover certain costs, like flight, transport, tools for orphanages, funding for business licensing and legal filing fees, etc… and this will cover my year and a half journey through Africa, India, and Indonesia. (See my Travel Itinerary to see where I’m going and what I’ll be doing).

Really, that’s a small amount for a year and a half while also giving back a large portion of that to charities. I won’t be in ritzy hotels, I’ll be on dirt floors in the desert, or in the slums of India, and that’s how I like it!

I need help to fund resources that may benefit others. I need help to allow me time to finish and orchestrate projects that have potential to help millions, and I need help to just be inspiration for others seeking to do other philanthropic opportunities like this.


(Psst – How You Can Help!)

I’ve launched an IndieGoGo Campaign which can be supported HERE! Your help is be incredibly appreciated to reach the targeted goal of $10,000. Any extra will fuel my travels and efforts, as well as benefit the orphanages and help officially found the organization, Bloom for Life

You may also spread this message and tell others about this project. You will hear about this (and definitely my future non-profit) in the media soon… so get involved now and make a difference for humanity! 


This is a basic overview of the project, please follow the following links to learn more and read in-depth answers on the subjects.


Overview of Project


Financial Breakdown (or – what will you do with $10,000 buckaroos?)


Travel Itinerary

My year and a half of travel, research, and philanthropic opportunities.


If you have a question, please contact me (Amanda Froelich!) here. Thanks for your interest and support!