Project: Orphanages

Here’s how I intend to benefit the orphanage I’m accepted to stay at and work with for around 3-6 weeks.


1) Form relations, get to know the kid, offer love – become one of them.

2) Talk and support the staff, get to know their personal obligations, challenges, perks, and desires for the orphanage.

3) Find and source local, quality (and optimally) organic food for the orphanage at a reduced price. This will require haggling, donations and support from outside sources, and assistance to increase the quality of food given or sold to the orphanage by 25%.

4) Lead and share educational classes with the adults and children of the establishment. Teach the basics of wholesome, healthy foods (predominantly plant-based), why they are so nourishing, how they can help the body remain strong and healthy, and why caring for ourselves, each other, and the planet is so essential.

If possible, create or share donated natural healing resources (one day I will create all of these – but donated will be grand) that can stay with the establishment and continue to teach its people.

5) Using funds and resources gained through campaign, work with local volunteers, staff, and orphans to create a garden that can benefit all, provide food, and be maintained by the workers and dwellers of the local community.

6) Offer loving service in any other aspect I’m needed. Document it all. Raise awareness by writing for various publications, capturing photography, and sharing my success or adjustments with the project.


As time goes on, I’ll have a more detailed plan, but it cannot be argued that healthful education and preventative action now will do wonders to benefit the generations currently being introduced into a world where westernized ways of living are ideal, and in effect, degenerative diseases are commonplace.

To also influence healthy food choices which will boost their immune system and reduce likelihood of procuring dangerous diseases, such information may be life-saving.

My aim is to help, to grow the communities I’m allowed to be a part of, and to document it all for sake of the future NGO Bloom for Life and others who may learn from my example.

Please DONATE Here and help make this project a reality!

I’ll be contacting a large amount of potential supporters, companies that may donate seeds, supplies, bed nets, books, toys, and other resources that are essential for each unique location. Please stay aware of updates to this project that will come as more relations are made.