Travel / Research

Nourishing Roots Project:

Spend a year traveling to form relations, gain insight into cultures and locations to be worked in by future organization, Bloom for Life, and finish collaboration with partners and organizations to manifest non-profit (NGO).

Work with 4 Orphanages. Teach holistic health, sustainable agriculture, and inspire unity with projects and donated resources.  

Write and publish my books, capture unique articles and content relaying the beauty of humanity. Obtain quality photography, insight on the land and destined locations, and use the inspired adventures to write and share efforts world-wide.


There’s a lot to accomplish in this year and a half (view all those goals here!), this itinerary will help relay my travels and project plans during this time.

**Please be on the lookout for updates*** As this is a year and a half


To gain perspective, form relations, devote time to organizing and finalizing organization’s plans, document every aspect of potential areas to work in, and prepare resources / materials to share. This is to benefit and prepare for the founding of NGO Bloom, an organization devoted to sharing sustainable living, holistic healing, and spiritual connectedness through the world via application and resources.