Why I Love Ticos & Gringos

So I’ve been living in Costa Rica for the last year, and in this time I’ve met and formed some incredible relationships with some dynamic people.

I’d like to send a huge shout out to a sweetie (not sure if she wants her name + info to be shared) who runs the Gringo corner market in San Isidro / Perez Feledon’s largest farmer’s market.


This week she shared the campaign on the Chayotevine, and I certainly hope it reaches a larger audience than it already has!


While I feel optimistic about this project, it is somewhat disconcerting that it hasn’t taken off like predicted. The IndieGoGo campaign has been shared 1,000+ times, but yet it still sits at 10%…

So any and all exposure is welcome and greatly appreciated.


I also was recently interviewed by the Black Hills Pioneer in Spearfish / Sturgis / Rapid City area (my hometown area) in South Dakota, so it should make rounds as well!

Let’s spread this message and example the love like Ilena and others in Costa Rica!
Thanks to everyone who has so far helped, and those who are planning to in the future.

Together we can co-create beautiful transformations.


XOXO Amanda Froelich